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Family Tour

The Wine Roads, the battle fields of both WW1 and WW2, Family amusement parks, a quick access to neighboring regions such as the Black Forest, Lake Lucerne, the Bavarian Castles, the vineyards of Champagne and Burgund. We will make this experience unforgettable for you !

Business programm

You have a full agenda and need to go on calls throughout the region ? Attending a business event ? We can drive you safely to your appointments from day of arrival at one of the international airports (Strasbourg, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Basel, Zurich, Luxembourg) until the day of departure.

Airport Pickup

Pick-up at the surrounding airports of Strasbourg, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Basel and Zurich on Day one or the last day of your tour.

travel advisor

As a former director of regional tourism, I'll help you schedule and visit the best places in the Upper Rhine Valley.

Certified driver

Certified driver based in the Strasbourg (France) Metropolitan area, for your leisure or business itineraries for one or several days.

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The Rhine River is one of Europe’s longest stream. 

It originates in the Swiss Alps, crossing the Eastern part of Switzerland, passing Lichtenstein, filling Lake Constance in Southern Germany and finally reaching the three country valley called the « Upper Rhine Valley » (France, Germany and Switzerland). 

Meandering at the foot of the Loreley, it finds Cologne on the way to the Netherlands and the Atlantic Ocean.

Strasbourg and Obernai are the perfect location for reaching the most entertaining attractions in the Valley: 


The Wine Roads, the battle fields of both WW1 and WW2, Family amusement parks, a quick access to neighboring regions such as Lake Lucerne, the Bavarian Castles, the vineyards of Champagne and Burgundy…(1-2 day tours)

little venice

car museum,world’s largest bugatti collection

black forest

What most people like

Favorite activities

wine tasting

The Rhine valley www.upperrhinevalley.com  (lien interne) is know for its wines grown on both sides, France and Germany. Riesling and several  Pinots (called Burgunder in German) are just two exceptional varieties of wines requesting a tasting session on the spot, where they are made.

The Romans planted the first vines 2000 years ago, and the French and the Germans developped different methods to cultivate and harvest their vines eversince. 

Enjoy a fascinating day with a great meal halfway, meet typical wine growers and you’ll become an expert !



The Alsace province and a part of Lorraine were incorporated into the first German Reich in 1871. As WW1 started it was clear that Alsace would become a major stake right from the beginning in 1914. 

Hence the troubled landscape up in the mountains where trenches and bunkers are still in an almost perfect shape surrounded by breathtaking views and moving memorials. English speaking historians will take you on a special journey accross battle fields such as the Hartmannswillerkopf and the Linge.


Visit the Maginot Line, the sophisticated defense fortifications built mostly underground along the borders of Germany and Belgium to stop German invasions. Guided tours available.

The Alsace-Moselle Memorial gives a realistic rendering of what local populations experienced between 1870 and 1950, with full-size theaterlike sets, videos, bomb explosions etc…

A necessary remembrance stop : The western most Concentration Camp built in Alsace and the newly built information center on the Shoah right next to the Camp.


The Upper Rhine Valley has 70 Michelin starred-restaurants for you to choose from. Besides gourmet restaurants, you’ll get a chance to taste the local food (Tarte Flambée, pastries such the Black Forest sherry cake, meat and potatoe stew called the « Baeckeoffe » …) .

Why not spend half a day « hands-on » with a Chef  and experience a great cooking class ?



With the Swiss Alps not far away, every hike or bike ride offers breathtaking views of a well preserved nature. Ask fort he itinerary best suited to your physical condition.


Find where your ancestors came from. Many towns in Alsace and the Black Forest have  kept most of their original construction. Half timbered houses and barns date back to the 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. Finding the farm or the mansion of your family is definitely worth a try.

This adventure will often take more than one day. You’ll be surprised!

what else to visit?

Town and Lake Lucerne (Switzerland)

Lake Geneva and the cheese- maker village of Gruyere.

The Champagne vineyards in and around Reims and Epernay

The Burgundy vineyards and the towns of Dijon and Beaune

The Bavarian chateaus built for Louis 2 (Neuschwanstein)

The WW2 Battlefield of the Bulge (Belgium) and US Military Cemetery at St Avold, etc …

Phil Choukroun, your driver

Certified driver (speaks French, English and German fluently) – Owner of the company.

Former Director of the Regional Tourist Board for Alsace, member of the Marketing team of the Upper Rhine Valley cooperation project, Director General of the Agency for investment in Alsace.

Lived and worked previously in Western New-York, Austria and Germany for several years. Based in Alsace since 1995.

Travel in a 2021 FORD Explorer Hybrid, equipped for 6 adult passengers plus driver.