We are committed to taking one to six passengers safely and timely on a one or several day-tour in our regional destination, and to providing support to make your trip as productive and pleasant as possible. The driver speaks English, French and German fluently.


Individual fresh mineralwater bottles are at your disposal on board. Eating and smoking inside the vehicle is not permitted. Meals are not included in the rate applied to your program.

We’ll gladly provide you with local maps and light information material on the area upon request. 

In case additional services are needed i.e. bookings at hotels or airline/train tickets or other travel related support, Upper Rhine Valley Explorer works with three reliable travel agents who will take care of those special requests and who will bill those services separately. 


  1.  Target groups


2.1 – Leisure travellers. 

We’ll give our best to take our visitors on a one or several day-tour throughout the three neighboring areas along the Rhine : Alsace, the Black Forest and northern Switzerland. Destinations needing more than a 3 hour one-way drive require a night stop in most cases. 


2.2 – Business travellers.

Whether going on business calls or attending a professionnal event.


Special note : Pick-up and return at regional port of entry (Strasbourg, Basel, Frankfurt, Zurich, Basel)

Unless they are part of the global booking, straight transfers (to airports or railway stations for instance) will mostly be handled through local cab companies, or platform drivers. Should we not be available, we’ll forward your request to your hotel receptionnist who will be able to help you.


For transfers preceeding or following a tour, airport or station pick-up and return are absolutely possible. It is important that transfers be clarified with the driver well ahead of time to anticipate luggage space. 

Regular sized pieces of luggage will be stored on the third row. The total number of passengers will then be limited to a maximum of 4.

Is your group larger than 4, Upper Rhine Valley Explorer will call a second driver to bring the remaining passengers with their luggage to their destination.


Please note: as per French regulations applied to professional drivers (except for Taxis), parking time at the arrival level of an airport or a railway or bus station, when possible,  cannot exceed 60 minutes. Information about anticipated delays should therefore be communicated to the driveras soon as possible  by sms or whatsup message to make the appropriate decision. 

  1. The booking process

Each booking needs to follow 3 easy steps:

1/ A requestform (template to be found on our website) to be sent online to choukroun@aol.com.

2/ After receiving the inquiry specifying all services requested, Upper Rhine Valley Explorer will reply within 24 to 48 hours, with a rate proposal and an intinerary.

3/ The request will be considered a firm booking once the proposal has been approved on-line or by Email by the group leader. 

4/ 50% to 100% of the global amount of the booking is to be payed before arrival.100% payment is required when services take place within 3 weeks.


  1. Insurance

Upper Rhine Valley Explorer is fully covered by a French Insurance Company. Passengers travelling with us are expected to have their own Travel Insurance package with them in case they need assistance.  


Upper Rhine Valley Explorer will take the right to deny access to any passenger who is visibly under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs and whose behavior may become a risk to other passengers and the driver.


  1. Upper Rhine Valley Explorer will do everything possible to ensure that the vehicle arrives on time and bring their customers to their destination on time.

We however waive all responsibility in the event of a delay caused by external occurrences, regardless of the intenrions and impact brought about by them. Here are some examples :

  1. Traffic accidents that create a delay or block traffic

  2. Extreme weather conditions

  3. Traffic interruption due to actions taken by Law Enforcement personnel

  4. All events that can affect the safety of the passengers 


  1. If Upper Rhine Valley Explorer is not able to deliver customers on time to a regional destination, for internal reasons, we’ll organize alternative means of transportation : bus, train, taxi. The reimbursement will not exceed the cost of a taxi to the final destination.

Please note : a booking by telephone will always need to be followed by a written order.


  1. If a person books for two or more passengers, he/she is obligated on behalf or the other passengers and we therefore assume that all group members accept the terms and conditions described here.


  1. Cancellation policy and jurisdiction

A reservation can be cancelled up to 8 days prior to the arrival date stipulated on the booking confirmation. 

Cancellations taking place after that date will be charged full rate of Day 1 of the tour.


These conditions are subject to French Law. If they occur, disputes will be settled by the appropriate Tribunal in Strasbourg, France.


13 rue Geiler, 67150 Erstein (France)

Tel. : +33-(0)610 78 0123 – Email : choukroun@aol.com


Registered in Strasbourg by the Chamber of Trade ( Chambre des Métiers d’Alsace)

SIRET: 898 576 970 00013

Insurance RCP by MFA # 627731/000001

Professional ID # 06720007101 (EVTC) delivered by the French Ministry for Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy.